What is Whole Notes Wellness?

Our Mission

Whole Notes Wellness seeks to enhance the lives of individuals through both active and passive experiences of music, the written word, and wellness/self-improvement practices; to empower healing/wholeness at individual, group, community, and global levels; to build networks of people who individually and together journey towards wellness and peace.​

At each Whole Notes Wellness experience, Beth Greenapple and guest presenters will lead you in songs, readings, meditations, and other practices that encourage healing of body, mind, and spirit through the use of sound, breath, movement, stillness, meditation, and thought.

Music is powerful.  Your whole system benefits from hearing and feeling vibrations and harmonies that affect you at all levels, from intellectual and emotional to cellular. Your body relaxes. Your thoughts flow more clearly. Insights arise.  Perspective grows. Worry and pain decrease as your energy is renewed.

Whole Notes Wellness is music and words that empower and soothe, increase your sense of well-being, and enable you to grow and heal. Whatever stress you carry in, you will emerge from a session feeling lighter, more joyful, less burdened, and greatly refreshed.

Claimer: What Whole Notes Wellness IS (and, by implication, IS NOT)

Beth Greenapple and Whole Notes Wellness seek to provide participants with opportunities to reflect, relax, and rejuvenate.  Songs, readings, and guest presentations are intended to offer ideas and insights into how illness and wellness occur, and to introduce participants to modes of enhancing health, and recovering from ill health, whether spiritual, emotional, or physical.  We invite you to explore with us, connect, grow, and discover resources within you and those around you that can lead you to believe in, recognize, and activate your intrinsic wholeness.

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